About Greg

Greg is a child of the fifties. That’s right! Although he doesn’t look it and he doesn’t act it! Born in 1954, one of two Hart boys, twins in fact, Greg’s interest in music started early. His dad Frank had an extensive record collection and the Hart household rang with music constantly. His mum Bernice would sing around the house and both mum and dad were very encouraging of the boys. Greg took up the saxophone at age eleven.

Along with brother Paul, the good-looking one, they formed their first band. After studying sax for three years Greg switched to guitar – after all you can’t sing and play sax at the same time! More bands followed and eventually musical theatre. Greg’s life is music, he is a singing teacher by day and a performer by night, and is constantly heard to say “IM LIVING THE DREAM!”

Some Past Reviews


“This show belongs to Greg Hart, who plays Johnny O’Keefe. Hart gives a faultless performance full of vigour and power. He has a gorgeous voice perfectly suited to this style and these songs. His vocal performance is flawless: always in tune, whether belting or crooning, and he commands attention with the power and tone of his voice. It is a performance of great concentration, charisma and skill.”

John Wells, The Adelaide Theatre Guild


The 18th Rendezvous again saw a packed dance floor with a great line-up of South Australian rock & roll bands and “The Wild One” – a tribute to JOK performed by Greg Hart – had everyone on their feet.


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