About Greg's Shows

As most of you are aware, Greg loves to pay tribute to the great artists who have inspired him over the years. Of course, all of his shows are live shows are backed by some of Adelaide’s finest musicians. For more detail about each of Greg’s shows, use the navigation options above in the top menu, or take a look at some of the following pages! Once you’ve found a show that you like, the Gig Calendar is the best place to see where and when you can catch the next show. Of course THE BEAVERS and JUS-FA-FUN are working hard this year as well. So check out Greg’s Gig Calendar to see where we are playing next.

Current Shows


That Jones Boy

The Wild One

A Solitary Man

Me and My Guise

John Lennon – The Beatles Years


The Long and Winding Road – A Night of Beatles Ballads


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