Went to a Dinner & Show at the Christies Beach Hotel last night to a John Lennon – Beatle Years Tribute put on by Greg Hart (The Beavers) what a great show. Being a big Beatles (John Lennon in particular) fan I was not sure what to expect but got a 3 hour long show that was awesome. Sitting at a table of 18 with muso’s from some of Adelaide’s leading past & present bands (The Boomers, Travis Welligton Hedge, The Silverados) it was a full house. Greg was awesome as John Lennon, had him off to a ‘t’, (I would not have recognised him in the street) and the backing band. Trish Hart looking like Cilla Black was great on backing vocals (doing Pauls part) and keyboards, Graham Woods on keyboards, guitar & backing vocals doing what he always does well, Simon Gould on lead guitar, great guitar work (George Harrison would have been proud) Jim Yotchev on bass, solid sound as always and Ray Timms on drums, big pat on the back Ray you were awesome (thought it was Ringo for a while). They played songs from the early Beatles right up to the Abbey Road album, did a great job replicating the studio effects from the Sgt Peppers & Abbey Road albums (I’m sure George Martin was somewhere in the room) with a narrative between songs telling John Lennon’s story. All in all was a great night, if you get a chance to see this show make it a must you will not be disappointed. Greg has a few shows coming up later this year at the Christies Hotel, do yourself a favour and go, he is a great entertainer.

Derek Armitage 30th August 2015

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