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Greg Hart’s first-class performance as Neil Diamond will have you dancing from the inside out. With such a huge choice of repertoire written by Diamond, this show just jumps from one hit to the next leaving audiences enthralled. The talented performers of the Jus-Fa-Fun band ably support Greg by reproducing the authentic sound of Diamond’s recordings for this phenomenal show.

As always, Greg Hart’s audience is treated to a quality show that sizzles from start to finish. With outstanding hits such as “I Am, I Said”, “Sweet Caroline” and Cracklin’ Rosie”, A Solitary Man is yet another great night of entertainment crafted by Greg Hart.


Last night was GREG HART’S tribute to NEIL DIAMOND at the Grand Ballroom, Fulham Gardens.

Not kidding here, but Greg’s act is world class. His singing voice is beautiful, powerful and technically perfect.  He is the complete accomplished singer, musician, does comedy and presentation with his band that is so “crunchy” (pardon the pun), crisp, tight and together.  Professionalism extraordinaire.  Words are hardly adequate for this show.  As sadly you won’t see the real Neil again, Greg fills the gap well.  A terrific selection from Diamond’s catalog was presented during the show with a bonus towards the end of Greg’s other tributes to Roy Orbison, Tom Jones, Elvis and Johnny O’Keefe.   Quite amazing.  Look on-line for Greg’s concert schedule.

Frank Sebastyan 18/2/2018


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