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Greg Hart will amaze you as he sings the hits of Roy Orbison with ease. His effortless style and attention to detail will leave a lasting impression on even the most discerning Roy Orbison fan. Orbison, both narrated and written by Greg, will have you in awe as he delivers the right touch of power and sensitivity to tell the life story of Roy Orbison through his catalogue of unforgettable songs.

With hits such as “Only the Lonely”, “Pretty Woman”, “You Got It” and “Crying”, Greg Hart delivers another show that is truly world class.


“Just saw your Big ‘O’ concert last night at the Golden Grove Recreation Center and must congratulate you on a very entertaining show. I also saw you as Tom Jones and I am amazed at how you can impersonate their voices and actions so well so it almost feels like their music and showmanship are on stage. A must see for fans of these great singers.”

– Marion


Saw the ROY ORBISON TRIBUTE SHOW starring GREG HART last night at The Grand Ballroom, Fulham Gardens. We enjoyed a superb and amazing performance by Greg Hart emulating THE BIG O in all facets with powerful and controlled vocals hitting those very difficult Orbison notes.    Like the Big O, Greg has the same 5 octave vocal range that just gobbles up the difficult vocal challenges.   Greg was the storyteller of Orbison’s life augmented with costumes changes, a very capable respectful and professional tight band, pictures, videos and movie clips.  So much research has gone into this performance.

I watched and soaked up the show proudly because both Greg and his keyboard player Graham Woods were both members of my band The In-Sect in the 70s.

Greg has grown from a singer/guitarist into a professional entertainer in his own right and with Graham a very talented keyboard exponent. They are two of my favourite people.

The band is: Graham Woods keyboards, Trish Hart keyboards, Jim Yotchev bass and Ray Timms drums – all vocalists too.

For me, the evening also became a wonderful reunion of old friends.

I recommend that you check Greg’s website for future performance listings and treat yourself to a top night out.

Greg also tributes Neil Diamond, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Johnny O’Keefe and Tom Jones teasing us with a sampling of these to close the show.

Dare I be so bold as to suggest that Greg’s show with a bit of tweaking, would be a Las Vegas hit – just like Human Nature. Go Greg.

Frank Sebastyan


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