New Year, New Site, New Show?

Hi everybody!

Welcome to my new website, designed by the guru Scott Reynolds. Feel free to leave a comment in the comments box at the bottom of most pages if you’ve seen a show and want to let me know what you’ve thought. If you have any ideas about ways we can improve the site, just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!

This year is already starting to fill up – check out the gig calendar to find out just how much. Have had a lot of people ask, because they’ve seen all of our shows, whether we’re going to do something new… the answer is…. YES! I can’t tell you what it is right now, but I’ll keep you posted. Make sure you check back in regularly as I’ll be giving away little clues as the year goes by.

If you happen to have any great photos of any of the shows, please feel free to send these to us – we’re always looking for new shots to use wherever we can!

Hope to see you all at a show really soon!



  1. Keith Hart says:

    Now this is good cus, love the new website, well done to the dude who did this!

  2. Lorelei says:

    Hi Greg
    We had a great time when we came to see you in “me and my guise” at Christies a couple of weeks ago!!!
    It is the third time we have seen it!! Once at Golden Grove another time at Gawler we love it!!
    Well done!!! We think you are amazing the way you sound just like the people and get their mannerisms etc!! Excellent!!!
    We have also seen you performing Roy Orbison and Tom Jones shows which have been totally amazing!! Our friends that we have brought along think you are amazing too!!!
    Your .band is fantastic too!
    We also enjoyed a dance you played at too!!

    I joke to our family that we are Greg Hart groupies!!!

    Keep up the wonderful work you are doing!!!

    Kind regards Lorelei Hill

  3. kathy wye says:

    Comment*hey cousin its Kathy hart glad to see you are doing magnificent at what you always wanted to do

  4. Stephen Lee says:

    Comment* Hi Greg , I am the Arts Centre Co-ordinator at Port Noarlunga.
    We are delighted to have you and your show of “THE WILD ONE” here on Saturday Nov 15 for 8pm.
    Are you able to (on this website) ad our link which is –
    When people click on this link they are taken to the City Of Onkaparinga Arts Centre landing page. This is where people can book and pay on line thru our Bookeasy system for your show.
    Any further questions, please do not hesitate to email me on my above address. Have a great weekend.
    Stephen Lee

  5. Lloyd says:

    Hi Greg,
    we have seen 4 of your shows and danced to your rock and roll music at the British. You are a true showman. We have dragged our friends along and they love your shows as well.
    Last night we saw you in the Barossa as the Wild One. What a great night. We all wanted to get up and dance JOK music just makes you want to do that. I spoke to Trish and you briefly as we left last night. One of the most obvious things is that you all…the band and you enjoy what you do…it makes a difference.
    Thanks for a memorable night. Trish said you are going to do another production at the Arts Theatre in Angas street in october next year. We will be there. Thanks again.

  6. Marg Kennedy says:

    Comment*I saw your show on Saturday night at Tanunda, have also seen you at Starplex. Would love to see another show. Fantastic. I said to you “It’s not so bad being 60”.

  7. Lynne Smith says:

    Friday 7 Nov 2014 at Marion Cultural Centre “The Wild One”

    WOW and WOW again. What a show!

    Greg was fantastic as always and the band was terrific. The show took me right back to the late 50’s and early 60’s when JO’K toured Adelaide and was our local dance band. I was definitely dancing on the inside! Trish Hart can really sing, what an amazing talent! Thanks for Frank Spencer…and the jokes, such fun!

    I was sitting with 4 people who were seeing Greg and the band for the first time, they were blown away by the talent on stage! During interval one of the ladies asked about the “Tom Jones tight trousers” comment Greg made. I explained Greg’s impersonations of Tom Jones and Roy Orbison. What a treat, after interval we had a few songs from each, and the bonus was Elvis. EVERYONE loved it! I am sure there are four new regulars to the shows.

    Keep up the amazing work, you are Adelaide treasures!

    Thank you all so much for a fantastic night, I look forward to the next show.


  8. Marion says:

    Comment* Loved the show on Friday 7th Nov. I have seen the musical stage show of JOK and this was as good. Trish was brilliant as was Greg and the band. See you on the 29th Nov at Christies Beach.

  9. Jenny Cates says:

    Comment*Hi Greg. I saw you at Club Marion last New Years Eve and saw you recently on a Sunday night for the Wild One Concert. I have booked with 3 other friends again for New Years Eve this year. Love your shows. Jenny

  10. jan condo says:

    Saw you at the West Torrens Council picnic in the park for the first time.
    Great entertainment and loved the costumes and hair.

  11. Trevor Cox says:

    Great show at West Torrens Council picnic ,deserved a larger audience ,I didnt see any promotion for the event,so the word didnt get out..I love the :Me and my guise concept with the full band.

  12. Judy Valenti says:

    Comment* Great concert at the Paradise Hotel on the 14th March 2015. Tribute to Neil Diamond. Thanks Greg for such at lovely evening and your wife has a beautiful voice. We are looking forward to your other concerts. (y) 🙂

  13. Heather Maddigan says:

    We have seen your JOK show and the Tom Jones tribute and loved both of them. You and your wife and band are outstanding and we will be booking for the John Lennon show in August 2015 and Roy Orbison in December 2015. Best Regards to all.

  14. Des Elphick says:

    Hi Greg.
    Loved your shows of The Wild one. Hoping that your New Years gig wont be to far from Marion.
    By the way the last time we went to a show, at the Marion Club, it was that bad we didn’t go back in for the second half.
    When I asked a person at the club, when you would be performing there again?
    They could have knocked me over with a feather, when they said you were too demanding.
    What a cheek! Too demanding means you want paying guests to see you perform without a gaggle of “dancers” prancing about the floor in front of those seated nearest the dance floor.
    Keep up the quality of your performances. It is Marion Clubs loss not ours.

    Cheers Des Elphick

  15. Bev Suckling says:

    Just loved your show last night at the Woodville Town Hall. Thought The Wild One was great but this was equally as good.
    Looking forward to following you in 2016.

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