GREG AS YOU’VE NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE! (now that’s a statement you might want to follow up)

For the past three months or so, Greg has been rehearsing to play the duel role of Joe/Josephine in The Metropolitan Musical Theatre Company’s forthcoming production of SUGAR opening at the Arts Theatre on Thursday 5th May.

‘SUGAR is a Big – Bright – Fun Musical – set in the 20’s era, during the prohibition era.   The story revolves around two unemployed male musicians – Joe, a saxophone player and Jerry, a bass player, who accidentally witness a gangland shooting led by Spats Palazzo. When they are discovered, the ensuing flight from the mobsters involves Joe and Jerry in disguise as females joining an all-girl jazz band, The Society Syncopaters, led by dominant Sweet Sue. Singing with the band is Sugar Kane, a gorgeous blonde.

Their lives become interwoven in many hilarious situations when they travel with the band to Miami, Florida and meet millionaire Sir Osgood Fielding with the mobsters in hot pursuit.

Sugar features Kate Bonney as Sugar Kane, Greg Hart as Joe/Josephine, Daniel Fleming as Jerry/Daphne, Barry Hill as Osgood Fielding and Peter Keller as Bienstock.

SUGAR is outrageous, touching and hilarious, and not to be missed.’

For bookings go into or call Carolyn on 8264 3225

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