It’s a Man’s World – Or Is It? is an exciting show that features Trish Hart, along with her two gorgeous female back up vocalists.

Trish is backed by the Jus-Fa-Fun band, which includes Greg Hart on guitar and vocals.

The show features big hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and is guaranteed to satisfy young and old alike in this fun and zany production! Songs from artists such as Dusty Springfield, Cilla Black, ABBA, Madonna, Donna Summer and many more.

This show is complete with costume changes and wigs.

Trish will be performing her amazing show at various venues throughout October – Go into Greg’s Gig Calendar to check out where and when!


  1. Ian Wheaton says:

    HOT STUFF!! Just saw Trish It’s a man’s world at Murray Bridge 18/10/18. What a show. We’ve been seeing Greg in his various Guises for years, and loved them all. Saw Trish singing occasionally and always thought she could carry a show like this, and what a show. Backed up by the boys, Greg and Joe are good looking guys, but not exactly gorgeous Female backup singers. Not sure what happened there, but they carried the backup brilliantly. Who knew Greg could hit such high notes. never ceases to amaze.
    But the star of the show by far was Trish. Such power in her voice, constantly variable as she covered female star after star. Confidence, self deprecating humour, looking wonderful, just owned it!
    I sat with my wife, front and centre, next to an older lady, who complained from the start. Seats get hard, show should start on time,(3 minutes late), the sound will probably be too loud, She wont be able to sing as well as the original. Winge after winge. After the show I asked what she thought. “She was fantastic” she said, “never thought she could carry it off”. You have a new fan there Trish, and the boys, “that guitar player was great”, (the instrumental piece while Trish changed.)
    Well done all!

  2. Edna Gibson says:

    I saw this show at the Shedley Theatre, Elizabeth. A small audience, which was a shame because the show was excellent.
    A great band of musicians and Trish leading out front. Her vocals were spot on. The tribute to Aretha Franklin gave me goose bumps. I will keep my eyes open for this particular show to be done again , so I can take my friends.
    I am also now looking out for and Greg, Trish or Jus Fa Fun band gigs in the future. Hoping to see them again soon.
    Thanks for sharing your telent.

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