Hi everyone 

Gigs have been almost non existent this year and we were a little sad when our show at The Gov had its numbers restricted due to the last COVID outbreak, but glad we were still able to go ahead.

Thanks to The South Australian Police Commissioner Grant Stevens the restriction in entertainment venues of the 4 square metre rule of social distancing is no longer in force, and has been replaced by the 2 square metre rule. This now means that we can have up to 250 people at our ‘John Lennon’ show at the Gov on 9th December. 

So for those of you who found that the tickets were unavailable, they’re back on sale. We’re looking forward to a great night, so hopefully now we can have a good crowd on this special night, in memory of the great man on the 40th anniversary of his death.

This will be a fabulous night with the headline acts, Greg Hart and Gary Burrows, backed by Ray Timms (drums), Graham Woods (keys), Jim Yotchev (Bass), Simon Gould (guitar) and Trish Hart (keys and McCartney vocals). So get behind at South Aussie musicians and come to the Gov on Wednesday! 

Hope to see you there.


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