Hi everyone

It’s been a rocky 2020 and it would be great to say goodbye to it in style with the Jus-Fa-Fun band!

Yes, it’s on again! After much deliberation and finding out what the restrictions will be and how we can make our New Year’s Eve party happen, we are pleased to announce that it is a happening thing!

In the interests of running a responsible event, we will be reducing numbers this year to 120. This is 60 less than last year and should assist us with social distancing regulations. That means you will need to get in fast to secure your seats. We will not be selling through an online service this year. Greg and Trish will take care of all ticket sales. You will need to call one of them or send a text message through to their mobile to hold your seats. You will then be sent a text or email (depending on your preference) to pay for your tickets. Tickets may be paid for in cash or direct transfer. Please note that tickets will not be held to be paid for on the night – you will need to pay for your tickets prior to the event to secure them. Once you have paid, you will be sent a confirmation text message or email and your name will be placed on the door. This will reduce handling of tickets on the night. 

(Please note that once purchased, no tickets can be refunded unless the event is cancelled due to another outbreak)

At this stage we anticipate that there will be seated drinking (alcohol) and eating with dancing. However, we can’t really be sure because things can always change.

So get your friends together – tickets are up for sale NOW!

Hope to see you there,

The Jus-Fa-Fun Band

Greg 0417 087 906

Trish 0407759188

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