02 Dec


SA Sea Rescue Squadron
Barcoo Road
West Beach , 5024
(08) 8295 5062 or (08) 8295 5072
Sat 8:00 pm

Greg Hart presents LEGENDS – a very special show! This show showcases the legendary voices of Elvis Presley, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond and Roy Orbison!
Let Greg take you on a musical journey with his unique talent.
Together with the amazing JUS-FA-FUN Band they bring you hit after hit from the LEGENDS of popular music.

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  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Brilliant Show to good for small venue s need to go to places like festival Theatre , Entertainment Centre etc.
    But get new PR person to stop old people dancing in front of you And push your good work.
    Let people dance in passage ways or at Back.
    Will be back to more shows and Hope to see a lot more younger people aswell

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