04 Mar

A Solitary Man

Largs Bay Sailing Club
1 The Foresore
Lady Gowrie Drive
Largs Bay, 5016
Sun 2:00 pm

Greg Hart’s first-class performance as Neil Diamond will have you dancing from the inside out. With such a huge choice of repertoire written by Diamond, this show jumps from one hit to the next leaving audiences enthralled. The Jus-Fa-Fun band ably support Greg by reproducing the authentic sound of Diamond’s recordings for this phenomenal show.

As always Greg’s audience is treated to a quality show that sizzles from start to finish. With outstanding hit such as “I Am, I Said”, “Sweet Caroline” and Cracklin’ Rosie”, Solitary Man is a great night of entertainment.

Tickets are available via email to [email protected] at $25/head plus members of the sailing club will receive a complimentary drink upon arrival?

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