11 Mar

“MOVE IT” – A Tribute to Cliff Richard and the Shadows ft. Greg Hart – ADELAIDE FRINGE 2024

The Jade
142-160 Flinders Street
Adelaide, 5000
0473 260 048
Mon 1:30 pm

A Tribute to Cliff Richard and The Shadows ft. Greg Hart.
Greg Hart is one Adelaide’s best known entertainers. He stars in a multitude of tribute shows including (but not limited to) John Lennon, Roy Orbison, Tom Jones, Johnny O’Keefe as well as fronting one of Adelaide’s premier party bands ‘Jus Fa Fun’.

He has been wowing audiences for decades, and now joins ex Shadowcaster Baz Elliott, Jim Yotchev and Ben Duffy (Jus Fa Fun) to bring you a carefully curated selection of both Cliff and the Shadows’ greatest hits!

“This show belongs to Greg Hart. He gives a faultless performance full of vigour and power. He has a gorgeous voice perfectly suited to this style and these songs. His performance is flawless.”

John Wells, The Adelaide Theatre Guild

Last year’s (and the previous year) shows sold out – get in quick for this one.

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